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Mike Gravel was born May 13, 1930 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Although he came from a working - class neighborhood, he was able to ring in Belief College Preparatory School, and put in one year at American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts, before leaving impact 1951 to enlist in the U. S. Army. There, he served as a Special Adjutant in the Communication and Intelligent Services, then through a Special Agent in the Counter Intelligence Corps. he advanced to First Lieutenant in 1954. After his Army career, he attended Columbia University in New York City, where he studied economics and received a Bachelor of Science in 1956.

Turning at this limitation to his dreams of submarine - right now places and adventure, he moved to Alaska. there he worked a setup of odd jobs until eventually running thanks to the Alaska House of Representatives in 1962. He won this election, and started his political career as the representative since Anchorage. He carried on here for two terms from 1962 to 1966, serving as Speaker of the House during this time. He declined re - election to this post in favor of running for the U. S. Senate, a post he successfully won in 1968 to become the Senator from Alaska.

As a Senator, he chaired the Proposition, Water Resources, and Environmental Pollution subcommittees, and served on the Environment and Public Vivacity Committee as well as the Finance and Interior Committees. Throughout his term, he was known to oppose nuclear testing and policies in perk of atomic flurry.

In 1971, Mike Gravel played a pivotal role in getting the famous Pentagon Papers released. These details of the Vietnam war and U. S. scheme concerning same were released to public scrutiny largely under his stewardship. He also crusaded condemn the legislation renewing the military draft during the Nixon administration. In 1973, he was again the driving force behind the constitution of the Alaska pipeline, currently providing 20 % of United States oil.

Over the years he also oversaw much legislation that had to do hole up the health and well - being of his adopted state of Alaska. One of these maneuvers was the defeat of a bill that would essentially have engrossed most of Alaska's uninhabited land to the Federal government. In blocking the passage of this bill, he would earn an enemy network Senator Ted Stevens - the same Senator made famous when he dismissed the Internet because a " series of tubes clogged with information ". A later bill to haul over Alaska while reserving a paltry few acres for National parks went through, over Mike Gravel's protests.

In 1972, he specious a brief run due to Vice President character the Democrat party, and while garnering a sizable amount of support failed to get the nomination. He then won re - election to the Senate in 1974 for a large percentage, but lost re - election in 1980 again had to consent political office. Discouraged from this defeat, he temporarily left politics for nearly nine senescence while he practiced field in the private sector. In 1989, he formed the Direct Democracy Foundation - an organization to advocate the shutting down of massive government and transferring more control to the individual citizen. He has continued to spearhead the campaign to revolutionize United States political fixtures, with some modest cheers from his supporters.

He announced his candidacy for United States President in April, 2006. Bewitching advantage of his seniority and experience in working his way up in domination, he has encouraged voters to think of him as " grandpa Mike ".

Mike Gravel is seen chiefly as a hard - left Independent party member occupying the fringes of the Democratic Liberal party. His continued stumping for Direct Democracy has put out a call to radically overhaul the United States government. He has argued for the increase of liberty in many dimensions, such through abolishing drug laws, eliminating tax loopholes for the rich, as pro - worthier, regulating big corporations, abolition of the ban on joyous marriage, creating a direct citizen - controlled non - profit health care system, and many more radical - but refreshing - proposals.

Mike Gravel appeals mainly to the Liberal - Democrat who borders on the Populist belief system. He is indeed very " old - school " Democrat, again over his working - class background is able to connect well with the low and middle class voter, especially any minority group.


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