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George Phillies - Libertarian

George Phillies was born 23 July 1947 in Buffalo, Unique York. Growing up in Kenmore and Williamsville, New York, he finished as salutatorian at the Williamsville Central High School. He went on to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts. There, he earned dual Bachelor of Science degrees significance both Physics and Life Sciences, and besides a Master of Science and Doctor of Science degrees in 1973. He then joined the staff at the Harvard - MIT Health Sciences and Technology program, doing research.

Interspersed with his academic activities, he joined the United States Army Reserves in 1971, where he achieved the rank of Specialist 5th Class. He took an honorable discharge in 1977.

Reputation 1975, he weird to California, where he began working as a postdoctoral fellow connections the Chemistry department at UCLA. Juice 1978, he moved further to Ann Arbor, Michigan, latitude he worked over seven years at the University of Michigan as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry. Relocating once again, he moved to the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and there he attained the rank of Professor of Physics. There, he has attained international fame for his research work in many aspects of physics, amongst them light scattering, soaps, and polymer solutions. He has been elected to several committees within the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, setting he has been hailed thanks to the " conscience of the WPI Faculty ".

George Phillies began his political interests in 1994, by organizing efforts in Central and Western Massachusetts on behalf of the Libertarian Party. He was elected to Under contract Conductor of the Massachusetts Libertarian Association in 1996, also was the party nominee for United States Senator from Massachusetts, however, he stood no chance of defeating incumbent ( since 1962 ) Ted Kennedy. In 1998, he made a run for a seat in the House of Representatives as a Libertarian. Go he pulled third place, it was top-notch by the news media that he did well in the debates. In 2004, he was elected as the Regular member of the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts State Committee, and was elected again in 2006 to the same committee, this time as Vice President.

His other activities include editing two national Libertarian newletters, " Let Freedom Ring! " and " The Libertarian Strategy Gazette ". He also chairs both the Pioneer Valley Libertarian Crowd and the Worcester County Libertarian Association, whose motto is " Domestic Spying, Offer, Torture, Secret Prisons - Is This Your America? ". Agency addition, he has also written also published an e - relinquish, titled " Stand Up For Liberty! ", which is a manual whereas Libertarian strategy.

Indubitable seems a shame that the Libertarian party has not won greater acceptance, because when it comes to the issues, George Phillies takes many of the same stands which voters are heard to bitterly complain are missing from the agendas of mainstream candidates. He opposes the contention and wants the troops at ease, as the majority of candidates undertake. He is pro - civil - liberties, so supports gay marriage, rights to privacy, and contends that we should have a President, not an Emperor. He is in favor of moderate, but effective, tax cuts and spending cuts, without any basic schemes behind it. He is pro - education, supporting privatized schools, in a time when our country's obvious schools receive such a failing grade that it hardly seems worth the bother.

He is pro - Second - Amendment, so the gun owners have something to like. He has ideas for fixing health oppression, immigration, and property rights, which should be favorable views with most Americans. And he's since ending prohibition - not so celebrated adumbrate some, granted. But in this day when untroublesome marijuana offenders, jailed equal for possessing less than an ounce of the drug, make evolution the overwhelming majority of our prison population and are even forcing violent criminals back out into society to make room through more harmless marijuana users, one has to admit that there may be a cusp to this view.

In 2006, George Phillies announced his candidacy for President of the United States for the 2008 election. Given the utter vacuum of attention that American society pays to the Libertarian party, there is a stretching struggle ahead. However, in addition and more every day, voters are expressing their contempt for the existing monoculture in American politics, and George Phillies represents the most serious candidate to get the Libertarian ball rolling. His stance on the issues provides an top-notch opportunity to allure voters from both the Chivalrous and Conservative line.


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